We improve peoples’ lives through successful investing. When we do our job right, numerous investors from all walks of life fulfill their dreams and long-term financial goals, whatever they might be.

VEA makes equity investments in profitable companies, capitalising on the fast growing South African market. Our team has a unique insight and understanding of various sectors. We use our experience to assist management of portfolio companies in order for them to reach the goals of their particular organisation.

Our investment professionals have a longstanding track record investing in different sectors, including: building material supply, mining, logistics, warehousing and distribution, maintenance services, service related businesses, telecoms, construction, food production, agriculture trading and technology, food processing for animals and humans, waste recycling and waste-to-energy, other green energy technologies, and fuel distribution.


Creating Value

VEA Group has developed a strong reputation for creating value by repositioning under-utilised, mismanaged, and/or underperforming companies. This includes numerous assets in diversified markets. At VEA Group we add significant value to the companies we acquire and manages it with an aggressive and comprehensive operations and management team.

We regard ourselves as specialists in growing any business, and would thus be a value adding partner in any venture. Once invested, we will remain involved long-term and will assist with guidance and structure in order for the business to prosper.