At VEA we make long term investments in companies across a range of industries, where we see value and growth. We provide a permanent home for our various companies, by building value over time by retaining earnings and reinvesting in each business.

Our long term commitment through various business environments has provided our companies with the stability and support that are necessary for our management teams to maximise the inherent value of their assets. We operate a decentralised business model with each company’s management team, operating independently and with broad independence. We retain highly skilled and qualified management teams with attractive incentives, and through capital support.

Historical Investments

We have long term interests in the following industries:

  • Supply of Building Materials

  • Mining

  • Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution

  • Maintenance Services

  • Service Related Businesses

  • Telecoms

  • Construction

  • Food Production

  • Agriculture Trading and Technology

  • Food Processing for Animals and Humans

  • Waste Recycling and Waste-to-energy

  • Other Green Energy Technologies

  • Fuel Distribution

Since our founding over a decade ago, we have completed numerous acquisitions and continue to actively pursue new opportunities.